Bulgogi - Korean Grilled Beef
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In Korea this dish is cooked on a domed grill (a regular grill works great, but so does a frying pan, grill pan or your oven’s broiler!)
  • This recipe also works well with chicken, pork or lamb!
  • The recipe used as a starting point for this recipe was originally published in the Minneapolis Star & Tribune on June 10, 1997
  • Fool-proof Cheater Recipe!

    1 lb. lean steak (beef) of your choosing, a top round steak is an inexpensive great choice
    4 tbsp. sugar
    4 tbsp. Ponzu sauce (a light soy sauce will work as well)
    2 tbsp. dark sesame oil
    1 small bundle of scallions (about 8 pieces)
    1 tsp. granulated garlic
    1 tsp. black pepper
    Pinch black & white sesame seeds

    In a bowl combine the dry ingredients: sugar, granulated garlic and pepper then whisk in the Ponzu sauce and the sesame oil until you have a syrup like consistency. Set aside. On a clean cutting board : cut the white bulb ends off of the scallions at about a 3" to 4" length, trim off the little roots and set aside, now slice the remaining "greens" in about 1/8" pieces and add to the marinade. Thinly slice the steak across the grain and add the strips to your marinade . Stir everything together with a spatula or wooden spoon, cover with plastic wrap (or bag-Picnic!) and refrigerate for 24 hours

    If you have a stove-top domed grill, great, but it’s not required. Pre-heat your pan (or get your coals or gas grill started) to a medium high heat. When the pan has had time to heat up arrange the strips of beef in a single-layer on the grill/pan and add the scallions on top. The beef cooks pretty fast, so that by the time you’re done laying the beef around the pan it will almost be time to flip each piece over. It will take about 7 to 12 minutes to cook depending on how well done you like your steak. Serve on top of noodles or rice and sprinkle with the pinch of the sesame seeds. Compliment with a pinot grigio or an ice cold beer!

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