Duck in Pomeranian Style
(Entenbraten auf pommersche Art)
Alois van der Flucht
4 onions
1-2 apples
1 duck made ready for cooking (butchered, plucked, gutted)
thyme, pepper, salt
knitting yarn, toothpicks

Peel the onions and core the apples. Wash the duck inside and outside and dry off so that the spices will adhere to it. Salt and pepper the inside heavily then stuff with some thyme, 2-3 onions, and 1-2 apples. Then sew the bottom and top of the duck together. Use the toothpicks to poke out small holes across from each other just like holes in a lace-up shoe. Double up the yarn and knit the holes together in the same fashion that you would lace up a shoe. Pull the cord tightly while pressing the duck together so that the duck is tightly sealed. Make a knot in the yarn and then salt and pepper the outside of the duck and rub some thyme on it as well. First brown the duck by lying it back side down in an open pan. Bake it for two hours long in a 400° F - 425° F (200° - 220° C) oven following these stages:

After about 50 minutes, baste the duck with the fat that has cooked away. Add a cup of hot water to the fat.
  • After about an hour confuse the poor animal by turning it on its belly. Switch the oven’s ventilation on. Other than this let a halved carrot and a quartered onion keep him company.
  • After two hours take the duck out and put the juices into a fat skimmer. (A fat skimmer is a container with a spout at the very bottom. The fat floats to the top and the watery bottom can be separated easily from the fat, just pour it out!) Put some hot water into the baking pan, stir it to dissolve the stock, and then pour the whole thing through a sieve into a pot.
  • Remove the broth from the fat skimmer and pour it into the pot. Let some fat pour in with it but not too much! Mix together some flour and cold water. Add the stock mixture to the flour mixture slowly, stirring all lumps out well after each addition. Season the sauce with salt and thyme - Voila!
    Serve with salted potatoes and red cabbage. Guten Appetit!

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