Yvonne B. Moore

Project Potluck
I'm Maureen, the lady who built this website, and Yvonne is my Mom. But the other lady in the photo isn't me, it's my sister Jeanne. My Mom was one of the first "Super Moms" who had a career and yet prepared a hot dinner every night for her four kids. Most women of her generation stayed home with the kids but my Mom worked as a lawyer. Her repertoire includes really good baked beans, stuffing, beef stroganaff, oatmeal lacies, poppy seed cake, liver with bacon and onions, and a lot of other stuff that I remember her making for me and my siblings when we were growing up. She has a weakness for sweets and when she comes to visit me in NYC she likes to visit Payard, Daniel Boulod’s and Financier. She’s always looking for new bakeries. She made sweets for us growing up but she doesn’t make these recipes any more now that we've moved out. The only cookies she didn’t like to make were Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies because they weren’t exotic enough. She exercises for ten minutes every day by running in place in front of the TV set.