Uncle Dude

Project Potluck
If Uncle Dude could eat anything he wanted he would eat pizza from Sal’s in Mamaroneck, NY and/or fried clams from Tony’s on Wollaston Beach Blvd in Quincy. He eats a varied diet which includes almonds, pretzels, and coffee. On the day he took the survey he ate a breakfast croissandwich with egg & sausage. (This website used to have a survey.) He considers himself to be athletic but demonstrably less athletic than he used to be. He is lucky that the dominant women in his life have allowed him to stay 19 forever. That, really good genes and a part–time job that surrounds him with people 20 years his junior has helped as well! When he was younger he gave every kind of sport a shot, but had a propensity for football and resistance circuit training. He had a pretty aggressive training regimen in his late teens and 20’s so he pretty much ate everything and didn’t give it a lot of thought. Both of his parents cooked for him when he was growing up. Assuming 19 meals in a week (Sat/Sun brunch), he eats 5 meals out a week and brings the the balance from home–cooked meals. He smokes an average of about 8–10 cigars a week. He has a window–box garden for fresh herbs, a "salsa" garden and a root vegetable garden. This year he’s adding a container garden for lettuce and a berry patch. When he cooks, he uses recipes for the framework but almost always modifies them with his imagination. When times are stressful, he usually starts a dialog in his head, intellectualizes the problem, sorts it out, divines the solution, implements the solution and thus eliminates the stress. Cooking is one of his hobbies and he LOVES TO COOK In his household they tag–team the groceries and he usually does the cleaning because he has a little bit of OCD and a lot of picky.