Maureen Moore

Project Potluck

Survey Results

  1. What did you eat today?
  2. Do you like to exercise?
  3. What are your favorite sports?
  4. Are you good at the sports you participate in?
  5. You feel ...
  6. Have you ever had any kind of eating disorder?
  7. Have you ever been on a diet?
  8. What kind of sports did you participate in as a child or teenager?
  9. Are you in better shape now than you were when you were younger or vice versa?
  10. Are you still active now that you are older?
  11. Do you belong to a fitness studio?
  12. Do you still use your membership?
  13. Do you have sports equipment at home?
  14. Do you still use it?
  15. What do your kids like to eat?
  16. I don't have any kids.
  17. What did you eat like growing up? Did your Mother or Father cook for you?
  18. Mother
  19. Would you rather eat at a restaurant or eat a home-cooked meal?
  20. How often do you eat out? How often do you cook?
  21. I eat out a couple of times per week.
  22. Do you smoke? yes
  23. Do you have a garden or even a window-sill garden? Do you preserve your produce?
  24. No.
  25. Do you use recipes to cook or do you rely on your imagination?
  26. recipes
  27. Do you google for recipes?
  28. yes
  29. What do you do when you get stressed out? eat and sleep
  30. Is cooking a chore or a hobby? chore
  31. Who does most of the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up in your household? I do.
  32. What is your height and weight? 5' 7", 127 lbs.
  33. When were you born? 1966